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Recruiter Contact Information

Anivi Rodriguez Escobar
(413) 301-9329


Behavioral Health Network is seeking a Behavior Management Therapist to join our growing In Home Behavioral Services team.  BHN is a growing non-profit community behavioral health agency that has been providing services to children, adults, families and communities in Western Massachusetts since 1938.  BHN provides comprehensive, outcome-driven behavioral health care. We are dedicated to offering high quality, affordable and culturally appropriate care to people of all ages and income levels in our constituent communities.

Job Description:

  • Provides high quality clinical services, as well as family and collateral consultation on assigned cases.
  • Conducts structured interviews with referred youth, family and collateral providers culminating in a written functional behavioral assessment.
  • Develops a specific focused behavior intervention plan (BIP) designed to diminish, extinguish, or improve specific identified behaviors.
  • Maintains a direct service productivity of 70% of available time.
  • Provides collateral consultation including but not limited to attending IEP, ICP and other treatment planning meetings.
  • Provides services in client homes, health care clinics, schools, and other community settings as needed.
  • Models for the parent/caregiver and other providers how to implement identified strategies from the BIP.
  • Works closely with the Behavior Management Monitor to ensure the BIP is implemented as developed, and makes necessary revisions/adjustments/updates to the plan.
  • Participates as needed in Care Planning Team (CPT) meetings for youth enrolled in ICC or other clinical hub provider in order to support identified goal(s). 
  • Demonstrates working knowledge of community resources, and how to help clients access them.
Job Requirements
  • Minimum requirements: Master’s degree in a mental health field and two (2) years experience in the field of behavioral analysis.
  • Board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) with Massachusetts license (Licensed Applied Behavior Analyst-LABA) or certification/license eligible within 1 year.
  • Experience in Applied Behavioral Analysis: 
    • Conducting functional behavioral assessments (FBA) of youth with serious emotional and behavioral disturbances that include: observing and analyzing behavior in settings where the behavior is naturally occurring; evaluating specific antecedent stimuli and consequences; and understanding the values, skills, and resources of those who are responsible for implementing the behavior plan
    • selecting interventions and strategies based on the results of the FBA and designing behavior plans that include intensive behaviorally oriented interventions;
    • Evaluating progress based on both qualitative and quantitative data and making adjustments to the behavior plan as needed;
  • Working with parents/caregivers and paraprofessional staff in homes and other community-based settings to implement behavior plans using techniques grounded in principles of positive behavior support (PBS) and/or applied behavioral analysis (ABA) with an aim toward extinguishing a wide range of challenging behaviors and increasing more socially acceptable behaviors that are age or developmentally appropriate.
  • Ability to use basic computer programs, such as Microsoft Word, for documentation purposes.
  • Familiarity with internet, word processing and email systems.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license with a verified clean driving record.
  • Must have a reliable vehicle available for work. 
  • Must be over the age of 21.
  • Qualified BCBA supervision is provided.